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Video & Image Annotation

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Object Detection Horavision

Video Annotation to Ensure Your Models Perform Exactly As Expected

Our White Glove Video Annotation Service Helps You Build Production Models Faster

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Image/Video Classification

Put images and video into categories

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Object Detection

Detect objects on image, bboxes, polygons, circular, and keypoints supported

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Semantic Segmentation

Partition image into multiple segments. Use ML models to pre-label and optimize the process

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Why Choose Hora Label?

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Intuitive editor to wire together cameras and deep learning models. Start with a simple prototype.

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Enroll a computing device with camera. Deploy your application at the push of a button.

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See real-time metrics from your apps in custom dashboards. Optimize your applications.

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Roll out your applications to a fleet of devices without worrying about infrastructure.

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Unleash Computer Vision applications at scale

A complete Computer Vision development platform for accelerating AI projects into production. alwaysAI focuses on faster prototypes, greater ROI, and easy deployment for enterprises.