Text & Document Annotation

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Extract structured text from documents and text data


Transcribe text within an image or bounding box


Transcribe large volumes of receipts, menus, forms, and other documents into structured data

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Sentiment Analysis

Determine whether a document is positive, negative or neutral


Classify document into one or multiple categories. Use taxonomies of up to 10000 classes

Integration with the Hora AI platform

From simple conversation classification to advanced multi-task interfaces with named entities recognition and relations extraction, all natural language processing use cases are covered. Each text annotation interface is designed to support productivity. Composability of each text labeling interface flexibly adapts to the specific needs of each project and document.

Automatic text annotation

Not fast enough? Use automatic annotations to speed up annotator tasks. Use pre-selections, dictionaries, tagtog ML or plug your own ML model in. Users will see the automatic annotations and just make an action when predictions are wrong. Powered by NLP algorithms, tagtog uses the corrections to improve accuracy and continuously reduce the load of annotators’ work.

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