Horavision Data Labelling Tool

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Introducing Horavision Data Labelling Tool,
a must have of data labeling

Professional machine learning tools are both the foundation and scaffolding for building successful ML-based products.

Making it simple.

No complicated configs, and ease of integration into Hora AI App pipelines. Hora Label can be used in different places, depending on the use-case.

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Quickly configurable for many data types.

Get the tool ready in 5 minutes. There should be an easy way to switch between labeling texts, audios or images, or even annotating all three types at the same time

Hora AI App integration.

Hora Label is able to integrate into our Hora AI App. There are numerous applications of ML with different constraints, and Hora Label has to be flexible enough to handle them and help, not complicate.

Made for Humans

Our application dedicated to data lebelling is simple, intuitive with many features that will allow you to work your data with ease

Hora Label

Hora Label is an data labeling tool for labeling and exploring multiple types of data. You can perform different types of labeling with many data formats.

You can also integrate Hora Label with machine learning models to supply predictions for labels (pre-labels), or perform continuous active learning.

Label Studio will be available at the end of the year, Local and Cloud editions with additional features.

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