Data Sourcing

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We leverage our workforce to capture and source real world data such as images of physical surroundings, customized video recordings, and original documents.

We collect data from search engines and source other publicly available content on the web.

Dataset Create

No source data? No problem!

Horavision generates the highest accuracy training datasets . We collect raw data from various public and proprietary sources and structure it for your company’s specific needs.

Datasets tailored to your needs

Purchase complete datasets

Capture entire sites, including millions of pages and data points, in key industry verticals. Optional to refresh datasets regularly.

Customize existing datasets

Customize an existing dataset based on location, category, or any other parameter to create the subset you want.

Request your own dataset

Can’t find the dataset you need? We will create a dataset from any public website, tailored exactly to your requirements.

Our case studies

Unleash Computer Vision applications at scale

A complete Computer Vision development platform for accelerating AI projects into production. alwaysAI focuses on faster prototypes, greater ROI, and easy deployment for enterprises.