Contextual Content

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Our Services

We help publishers and sell-side platforms create premium ad inventory to monetize contextual relevance and develop diversion units to address brand suitability requirements

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Contextual Content API

Deliver spots that align with the context of adjacent content, targeting IAB categories and individual brands

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Brand Safety / Suitability APIs

Guarantee delivery in a brand-suitable environment, mapped to GARM / IAB categories and risk levels

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Alignment with Industry Taxonomies

We understand how ads are bought and sold, and we make our data easy to integrate with common language

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Fully-automated results are returned with a latency of <500ms

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Our models are trained on 1B+ human annotations, resulting in industry-leading breadth and accuracy

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We can provide API access or structured data files, always on or in batches

Our case studies

Unleash Computer Vision applications at scale

A complete Computer Vision development platform for accelerating AI projects into production. alwaysAI focuses on faster prototypes, greater ROI, and easy deployment for enterprises.